St. Augustine



Saint Augustine lived a full life, at a time when the world was rapidly changing, much like today. Well educated and intelligent, he nonetheless followed earthly passions and wrestled with his own desires while seeking answers to life’s questions.

Eventually, he came to realize his baptismal calling to lead a holy life. In many respects, he is a saint of all ages.

As a son, he came to realize the distress he had caused to his mother, St. Monica and came to gratefully appreciate her intercession.

As a Teacher and Theologian, his thoughts were sophisticated yet always anchored in love.

As a Philosopher, Poet, and Mystic, his words and teaching still encourage and inspire.

As a priest and Bishop, Saint Augustine humbly at first resisted his calling, then relented and led both his local church and, through his writing, inspired the universal Church.

As a Saint, he’s the patron of the dioceses of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Superior, Wisconsin, Tucson, Arizona, and, of course, Saint Augustine, Florida.

But it’s important to remember that Saint Augustine was also simply a man. His most sublime writings reveal, with sympathy and grace, the struggle of being human. Perhaps that is why the “Rule of St, Augustine’ seems less like a ‘rule’ than a ‘reminder’ that our better selves begin by our love and consideration for our brother and sister.