Formation Process

The First Step is Formation is Inquiry:

We invite seriously discerning Catholic Women interested in our community to contact us. Your visit here, shorter or longer, enables us to be familiar with one another. Through dialogue and discussion a decision to enter our community can be clarified.

Second, a time of Living In Community or Affiliation:

This three to four months period allows for further discernment and dialogue to clarify a vocation. You’ll be introduced to Augustinian Spirituality, our day to day consecrated life, and the meaning of professed vows.


Third, Postulancy:

During these six to eighteen months, the postulancy sets the foundation for the novitiate. By living with the sisters in the convent she can learn about our Augustinian way of life in our community.
It is also a time to get a greater insight into religious life. It is a time for her to understand if our community is where God is calling her to be. In a sense, we discern together.

Fourth, the Novitiate:

The two years of novitiate are a special time to deepen your relationship with God. It is a time to study the theology of vows, our Augustinian spirituality, the history and charism of our community and to begin practicing what you learn in daily community living. You will also explore, on a deeper level, what it means to be a member of our Augustinian community of Catholic Sisters.

After two years the novice professes her first vows.


Fifth, Temporary Profession:

After three years of temporary vows the sister renews her vows for three more years. After that period of time the sister then professes her perpetual vows.