Profession Cross

 wixglv3r5p5q9333e3h1im6aqel.pngOur Profession Cross: Excerpts from a Meditation by one of our Sisters

“…The cross tears apart the world,
our small world,
our large world in which we live.
…It would be a cross with this world,
would it not be that His cross and the
power of His love are stronger.
…I bear this cross which reminds me
of our world and God’s love in it.
I bear this cross
as a sign of my determination
to give witness of salvation
to a broken down world.
Where human misery crosses my way
it will become,
through my loving gaze,
through my tender hand,
through my good word,
through my open ear,
through my friendly gesture,
through my courageous steps,
upon my weak shoulders,
in my warm heart,
fertile soil—
where from a rose blooms
and a womb who gives life to new hope.”

Lord, Jesus Christ, you have taken upon yourself the cross of this world, and through your loving sacrifice broken the power of evil. You have called me to follow you more closely; and I have, in my profession of vows, responded to your call. Help me to be a sign of hope in our world. Strengthen me when daily I set out in love to meet my fellow human.