Six of the Rita Sisters celebrated their Jubilee of their Profession on Saturday May 13th

Six Rita Sisters celebrated their Jubilee of their Profession on Saturday, May 13th,2023.

Seventy-five years ago, Sr. Barbara Winter made her religious profession and celebrated a unique and rare anniversary.

Sisters Margarete Latzko and Konradine Arnold joined the community of Rita Sisters 65 years ago.

Sisters Ines Frank and Sisters Amata Schwemmer celebrated their 60th anniversary of profession.

Sister Josepha Delray looks back on 40 years of religious service.

All those years ago, the Jubilarians had faith when they walked on the path of the community of the Rita Sisters. Trust was the motto of the Jubilee Mass, celebrated by Father Robert Borawski and Fr. Norbert Stroh. In his homily to the Gospel of Matthew 14, 22-33), Rev. Robert Borawski spoke of the courage every individual needs to go their own way. Once one heard Jesus' call "Come!" it was always a venture and remains to this day to follow. It says: Pick up your courage and fear and get on your way! This statement requires a great deal of trust. Trust in one's abilities, confidence in the community, patience with oneself and with others, embrace, endure, and forgive each other.
The paths of life can be stormy at times. - also within a religious community.There needs to be a stop, something to hold on to - in life, faith, trust, and succession.
Fr. Borawski gave each of the six sisters a carabiner hook as a sign of holding and being held, as a sign of the hold through the togetherness, the community. The catch can and must also be a symbol for our God, who wants to be the last and natural stop in our lives. The sermon ended with a quote from a Catholic theologian: "Amazing Sisters! Your calling is BIG. Live with joy and thanks for what you have received, not alone for you. Live!"
The celebration was followed by the solemn affirmation of each Sister's renewal of the profession of their vows.
After the festive service, General Sister RitaMaria invited the sisters and their guests to a small reception outside the gate of the Motherhouse.