Sister Andrea celebrates her 101st birthday

January 19, 2022, is a special day with a small celebration at our Motherhouse. Our sister Andrea turned 101 years old.

She looks back with gratitude on 101 fulfilling years of life and thanks her fellow sisters and especially her biological sister, Sister Barbara, for the wonderful time in the community of the Rita sisters.

Dear Sister Andrea, not many people have the privilege of celebrating 101 years of life. All the better that you, dear sister Andrea, are one of these people. Thou shalt live high, three times high.

We rejoice with you. But we also know that growing old is not for the faint of heart and that there is also effort and pain associated with this event. Above all, our thanks today go to God, we are grateful that he guided you, guided you, protected you, and blessed you with health and a good heart.

We Rita sisters congratulate you on your 101st birthday and wish that you can live the coming days courageously, trustingly, and with as little sorrow as possible.