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"Serving Life - The Rita Sisters and the Würzburg Jews"

On November 27, 1941, 80 years ago, the National Socialists deported the first 202 Jewish citizens from Würzburg.

In the middle of the night, people were torn from their accustomed lives and had to set out for an uncertain future. At that time, our sister Elisabeth Wenzel was still working in the Jewish old people's home in Konradstraße and had probably "witnessed the preparations at close quarters," as Roland Flade writes in his book "Dem Leben dienen. The Rita Sisters and the Jews of Würzburg". David Schuster, the former head of the Israelite community in Würzburg, told students of the Rita Sisters' family nursing school many years ago after a tour of the synagogue: "Sister Elisabeth literally said goodbye to our people." Roland Flade also writes about his life in the book, as well as the fate of other Jewish people who had known our sisters and appreciated their services.

"Whether our book and the living testimony of our sisters are a small contribution to reduce prejudices and curb anti-Semitism? It would be desirable and can be hoped for. This concern needs again today, especially the testimony of life and faith of us, of many in the Church and in society," writes Superior General Sister Rita-Maria Käß in the preface of the book. It is available at the gate of the Motherhouse and at the Himmelspforten Retreat House and is offered in various bookstores in Würzburg.