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Preparations for 110 years of Rita Sisters in October


On October 8, 2021, the community of the Rita Sisters will be celebrating their 110 th anniversary. The Rita Sisters are preparing for their milestone birthday and are looking forward to it.

Sisters remember their founder, Father Hugolin Dach, and the first Sisters of St. Rita. These are the roots of our community. They have always given the Rita Sisters the strength on their way. "The 110th birthday invites us to become aware of this again and to talk to one another about it," said Superior General Sister Rita-Maria Käß to her fellow sisters.

The Order's leadership has several plans for the course of the year. We invite you to be a part of the preparation day on the 8th of each month where we will reflect and pray on the mottos. The goal of our suggestions serves either as a personal reflection or can become a topic for discussion in the Convent.

On February 8, 2021, the Dach family's motto will be the focus. Father Hugolin, the founder, took this motto into his heart as a child. This influenced his life and work and is called: “Firm in loyalty”.

It is about God's loyalty to His people and to the community and loyalty to oneself. The Rita Sisters remember the Saints who have remained faithful to God in their lives and will include many people and current events in their prayers.

Our Mottos for the Year:

February.: motto of the Dach family: "Firm in Loyalty"

March: "Serving others, with always open eyes for the needs ..."

April: Being with the poor - family help, etc.

May: Great, unshakable trust in the help of God and St. Rita

June:” Our founding sisters”

July: Reflecting on “Third Order (Seculars), today ‘s companions”

August: Burning heart, open heart – St. Augustine.

  " What you want to ignite in others must burn in you!"

September: A Good reason – to be a Rita Sister.

An icon of the Holy Family accompanies the days of preparation for the founding anniversary.