Obituary Sister M. Agnesia Greß

Prepared and quiet, early in the morning of March 23, 2023, our dear sister M. Agnesia Greß was called by God to her eternal home after 92 years of life.

Sister Agnesia was born on January 18, 1931, as the only child of Philipp and Hedwig Greß in Würzburg and was baptized, Rosa Frieda. After attending elementary school in Arnstein, she studied at the vocational school in Karlstadt and learned the profession of sewing men's clothing. After that, she worked in several households as a housemaid.

On October 1st, 1952 Sister Agnesia entered our community. She began her novitiate on October 27, 1953, and made her first vows and profession on October 11, 1955, and on October 11, 1958, for life. During the novitiate, she worked in the motherhouse kitchen and learned the baker's trade during this time.

After the first profession, Sister Agnesia was in the study seminar in Weiden, in the Pius-Keller-Haus in Messelhausen and in the private clinic Dr. Köster worked as a cook and baker in Würzburg. For ten years, from 1968 to 1978, she was the kitchen manager in the Motherhouse.

In 1972 she completed her training as a state-certified economist in Paderborn. She cooked for the residents of the St. Martin nursing home in Geldersheim for 13 years. She changed the places of her work a few more times until she came back to the Motherhouse in 1999.

Sister Agnesia worked as a cook and baker for a total of 44 years. With her maternal nature, it was close to her heart to take good care of others and give them plenty.

In Geldersheim she was given the templates for making straw stars and, after cooking and baking, she discovered her second passion: she worked in the straw star business for over 20 years until shortly before her death

“I like doing it because people are happy about it. I always have a bit of a Christmas spirit with me.” She said so in a recent interview and mentioned in passing that several thousand straw stars from her workshop hang on the Christmas trees in churches and cathedrals, in large and small rooms, every year. That was her main job in the Clara house, especially when she became a resident herself in 2014 and was no longer able to help in the kitchen. The straw stars that she was unable to finish are now in her coffin and will accompany her on her final journey to perfection with God.

Sr. Agnesia's final years were marked by pain, frailty, and physical limitations. She was connected to Jesus in following the cross. She walked this path bravely, patiently, and with a kind smile. The merciful Jesus and the inner path of the Heart-Your-Prayer were her source of strength. So, she is a great role model for us.

It was always enriching to be in conversation or spiritual exchange with her.

Despite her aches and pains, she enjoyed life and stayed close to people and the community was very important to her. Above all, she wanted to take part in the meetings of her convent group “Fiat”. In the last few weeks, she was very weak and tired, but she wanted to be in her group and felt safe in this community. Many thanks to all sisters from the group "Fiat".

We thank Sister Agnesia for her testimony of life and faith and for her work beyond our community.

Thank you very much and God bless you, Sister Hildegard, and the staff in our house Hannah, who looked after and cared for you. Prepared, believing, and conscious, Sister Agnesia went to meet Christ, the light of the world. We entrust her to HIM.