Mary, Mother of Consolation

Since the 17th century, the Augustinian Order, to which we belong, has been venerating Mary as the Mother of Consolation. On September 3rd we got in the mood for this high festival with a Lucernarium.

According to tradition, Mary appeared to St. Monika in her grief over the death of her husband and in her grief over the waywardness of her son Augustine. Mary gave her a leather belt for Monica to wear as a sign of comfort and encouragement. She also gave a leather belt to her son Augustine after his conversion to Christianity.
Because of this tradition, all brothers and sisters belonging to the Augustinian Order wear a leather belt over their habit.
As the Mother of Consolation, Mary is close to all who are in need and asks them for help from her Son Jesus Christ, the divine consolation. Especially in our world with the many wars, crises, and uncertainties we can use encouragement and comfort.