Augustinian Gala 2023

This year, Midwest Augustinians honored several communities of Augustinian Women: The Augustinian Contemplative Nuns of Good Counsel Monastery (New Lenox), Las Hermanas Agustinas de Nuestra Señora Del Socorro (Chicago), The Augustinian Sisters of St. Rita (Racine), and Las Hermanas de Nuestra Señora del Buen Consejo (Marylake).The Sisters of St. Rita, one of the honorees, follow the same Rule of St. Augustine as the Friars.

The Augustinian Sisters of St. Rita-Racine live their vocation in the Wisconsin community at the St. Rita Convent. Like St. Augustine, they seek God in their hearts, every human being, and every life situation. The example of St. Rita helps them lead a life of union with God and serve people in love, peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation.
Father Hugolinus Dach, OSA, and four young women founded the Sisters of St. Rita community in Germany in December 1917. In 1936, the community was aggregated into the Augustinian Order. From the beginning, they focused on caring for families with spiritual and social care. In June 1942, the Sisters came to Racine, Wisconsin, to assist the German Augustinians with the new parish of Saint Rita. The Sisters remained in the parish until 1965. At that time, they opened Saint Rita’s Convent to build a home for seniors. In February 1971, Saint Monica’s Senior Citizens Home was opened. Today, they minister to the needs of 110 residents and their families.