You have made us for Yourself, O Lord and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.  

                                                                                             St.Augustine - Confessions 1, 1                                                                                         

We are the Sisters of St. Rita 


We’re the Catholic Sisters of Saint Rita, Augustinian women religious, living our vocation in a community in Wisconsin at Saint Rita Convent. We live and love our vows of consecrated life; like St. Augustine, we are on the road of life, seeking God within ourselves, within each human being, and in each encounter in life.

The life and example of St. Rita guide us to live a life that is in relationship with God, and like St. Rita, we are to serve people in love, peace, and reconciliation. 

As Augustinian women, we strive to “live together in harmony, one heart and mind on our way to God.” (Rule of Saint Augustine) The heart plays a central role in Augustinian spirituality; we cannot live religious life on a superficial level but rather from the very depth of our hearts. We recognize that our community life is our mission and calling.


O Lord, my God, You alone do I love; You alone do I follow; You alone do I seek. You alone am I prepared to serve, for You alone justly rule, and under Your authority I long to be.

St. Augustine                                                                                                                                            Soliloquies 1, 1