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Festive Celebration of 110th Anniversary of Rita Sisters in Würzburg

The Rita sisters celebrated their 110th birthday on October 8, 2021. Canon Dietrich Seidel celebrated the festive service.

"It's good that we have each other, good that we see each other. Share worries, joys, strengths and go on one path. It's good that we don't just have each other, that the circle never closes and that the God we're talking about is here in our midst".

The Rita sisters belted out this song in their festive celebration for their 110th birthday on October 8, 2021. It obviously expressed their joyful and grateful mood in a very special way.

The Rita Sisters are truly grateful to have each other. They are grateful for all connections and networks. They are grateful for the testimony of life and faith of the living and deceased Rita Sisters in all the years since their foundation on October 8, 1911. And above all, they are grateful that God is in their midst.

"Let us ask God that he will continue to be our faithful companion on all our paths," wished Superior General Sister Rita-Maria Käß in the festive service.

Sister Rita-Maria quoted a verse from Hans Waltersdorfer several times during the past few days around the birthday party. It reads:

Draw strength from your roots.
Find support in the ground that supports.
Look back at your origins,
but the way is forward!

After the festive celebration, there was a small champagne reception in the festival hall.