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Sister Rita-Maria Käß is re-elected as our Superior General

What a joyful, happy and a heartfelt day with the Rita-Sisters! Sister Rita-Maria Käß was re-elected Superior General of the Congregation for six more years. The election was officiated by Würzburg Bishop Franz Jung.
Placing the Bible on the altar, Sister Rita-Maria accepted the position as the Superior General in obedience to the wishes of the community. She consecrated the new term of the office to Mary, Mother of the Good Counsel.
On behalf of the Rita Sisters, Sr. Elisabeth Stahl congratulated Sr. Rita-Maria and then she gave her a small apple tree, a symbol of our strong roots and fruitful growth of our religious community.
With hope and trust in God, by following the footsteps of our foundresses in this present time, the Superior General Sr. Rita-Maria said, she is confident that “God will continue to guide us”.

We congratulate Sr. Rita-Maria and the new elected Council.

St. Rita pray for us!