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On Wednesday, March 13, 2019, our Chapel at the House Marienfried in Wuerzburg, was dissolved. It had been the spiritual center of the Convent.

Last year we sold our house and garden in Marienfried and in Fall of 2018 we said our “good byes”. And now, on March 13th, the chapel has been dissolved. Bishop Franz, who had to approve of this, delegated Provincial, Fr. Alfons Tony O.S.A, with this task.

It was a very moving and touching celebration. It started in the Meditation Room at Marienfried. For eight years there, one a month, Fr. Alfons had celebrated Eucharist with the Sisters from the Convent.

After the beginning of the Eucharist, while the Sisters sang, the Icons were taken from the walls and brought in procession to the chapel. There, Sister Carmen and Sister Gerlinde had placed all the liturgical items in front of the altar and decorated it with lights along with snow drops from the garden.

With a Gloria hymn, the Liturgy of the Word was proclaimed.

The reading from Ecclesiastes reflected that our life is in constant change. In the Gospel of Mt. 6,28, as well as the sermon by Fr. Alfons challenged us to recognize, what we really should be concerned about.

Our thanks and the petitions were brought in procession to the altar. At the Our Father, all present formed a circle around the whole Chapel. And in this circle, Communion was distributed under both species.

 With the incensing the altar, the tabernacle and all liturgical items, as well as the entire chapel the Eucharist ended. After that, Fr. Alfons extinguished the candles. With that very moving final moment the Chapel was dissolved.

This closing service continued with a procession on foot carrying the Blessed Sacrament and the liturgical items to the Motherhouse. There were about thirty Sisters in the procession, each one carried a liturgical item as all sang a Taize songs.

In the Motherhouse Chapel, the liturgical items were placed before the altar, later to be put away.

At the closing, Fr. Alfons blessed everyone. And then all present were invited to supper at the Convent refectory.